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Professional, quality, passion, unity and learning Group

PGL Group is a great emphasis on professionalism, efficiency and quality of team unity and enthusiasm, in the 21st century information age leap, to continuous learning and self-improvement is indispensable, so we actively create a pleasant and relaxed, warm learning environment, so that every member of the group in the PGL can circle their own dreams!


For the purpose of fostering global logistics management personnel, especially the creation Chouhua integrity of global logistics and international logistics education courses, inviting domestic and foreign elite company or industry, the academic elite were taught, and using the latest global logistics and international logistics materials, supplemented by lecturer areas of expertise to share, global logistics and international logistics benchmarking study and small group practices, see the topic grouping practice communication and discussion, so that the curriculum needs of both theory and practice of.

Training objectives

        1.Group personnel to assist the construction of global logistics and international logistics foster the development of new knowledge and new ideas talent.

        2.Nurture group date with global logistics personnel and international logistics management content knowledge.

        3.Professional Training Group to enhance the literacy field and thus provide interpersonal and cross-industry exchange environment.

        4.View by personal inspection and measurement programs for global logistics and international knowledge and understanding of the level of logistics.

Training and learning chain

        1.Internal training

          New staff training

          Service staff training

          Team training

          Other training courses

        2.External training

          Government and Society expertise training

          Watch practice (cabinet field, airports, shipping, warehousing, etc ..)

          Potential development courses

          Language training courses

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